An award -winning fine dining restaurant, Olive’s colourful repertoire of Mediterranean specialties is presented in a romantic dining ambience. It provides a cosy and relaxing fine dining experience serving traditional cuisine from the sunny countries surrounding the Mediterranean belt. The charcoal drawing on its feature wall adds to the provincial yet elegantly simple ambience with its depiction of undulating hills, vineyards, and rustic village houses.

Savour exquisite pasta, risotto, succulent lamb, and tender beef, all expertly prepared using the finest and freshest local and international produce to capture the unique flavours of seafood, meat, and vegetables.

Whether it’s an intimate candlelight dinner or a relaxed evening with family, Olives offers a unique dining experience that exudes a relaxing ambience and provides the ideal backdrop for an impeccable evening enhanced by bespoke service. Wine pairing is also available to be enjoyed with your dinner.

Open Daily (Except Friday & Saturday)
  • 6AM-10:30AM (Breakfast Hour)
  • 6PM-10PM (Dinner)